We all look for purpose in what we do. Increasingly, running a business is not only about making money but also about how that business contributes to society. For H+H that is enabling better homes for our communities. That is our purpose as a company.

Stating a clear purpose across the international H+H group creates the awareness that we are working together as an organisation and with our customers to achieve a common goal.

To support us in realising this purpose we have committed to five shared promises across the H+H group. We are:

Partners in wall building
Our partners trust us to understand their building needs from design, specification and planning to delivery, assembly and problem solving.

Putting people first
The health and safety of our people, suppliers and customers will never be compromised. We are committed and have the ambition of zero harm for our own and our partners’ people.
We know that people are different. We trust our differences enable us to see new opportunities and be more effective.

Performance driven
H+H strives to deliver results to all our partners and in the communities where we operate.

Even when times are difficult, we deliver quality products with the highest level of service to our customers. Our operations run timely and effectively. We follow through on our commitment to serve our communities.

Pushing the boundaries
To build better homes, we must stay curious and eager to drive our industry forward.

We are continuously improving operations and products. Together with our partners we rethink supply chains, services and digital solutions.

Part of a sustainable future
Today we work with our partners to reduce energy needs in homes and our commitment is more than the long lasting and insulating products we produce.

We are part of the solution in creating sustainable and carbon neutral buildings. We are partnering with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders; finding new production methods to lower the environmental impact of homes.

Calum Forsyth, Managing Director at H+H explains: “Our reputation in the marketplace stems from being a reliable partner in the building of homes and communities. Our customers value our consistency and unwavering dedication as a long-standing partner committed to developing sustainable wall solutions.

“The UK is in dire need of more, better quality homes. Our purpose is to address this in partnership with our customers and with the support of our international colleagues.

“People are at the heart of our business. In the current recruitment and retention landscape, the social impact of the workplace has taken on a significant role. We see this trend continuing to gain momentum in the future and we aim to attract people who share our vision.”

By unveiling our intrinsic Purpose and Promises framework, H+H aims to underline to our customers our dedication to building better homes. This will, in turn, bolster their efforts in pursuing this shared goal.