H+H – On the road to Net Zero

H+H is proud to announce its role as a Founding Partner of the Unlock Net Zero initiative, launched in February 2021. 

For the housing sector to make its contribution to the climate change battle, it needs a strong focus on the carbon emissions released during the construction process of the new homes. H+H believes initiatives like Unlock Net Zero will play an important role. 

Unlock Net Zero is a knowledge hub focussing on the practical reality of the transition to a net zero future. It seeks to inform, educate and connect people and organisations involved in adopting a net zero approach, identifying the technologies, infrastructure and behaviour change required.

H+H supports a “fabric first” philosophy. This means that we believe energy efficiency should be built into the fabric of a house so that it remains effective for the lifetime of the building.

Used primarily for housebuilding, our aircrete blocks, with their inherent thermal efficiency, low thermal bridging and efficient airtightness, make a positive contribution to the energy efficiency of new homes.

H+H is committed to net-zero and is proud to be a founding partner of the Unlock Net Zero initiative. H+H supports the initiatives intentions to find a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. 

Keep an eye out for sustainability focussed content, events and resources on the Unlock Net Zero website: https://www.unlocknetzero.co.uk/.