H+H Shortlisted in Health & Safety Awards

There are two elements to the safety programme introduced during 2019: the first saw a complete reorganisation of our Pollington Yard.  Shortlisted in the Best Health and Safety in Manufacturing Category this reorganisation sees a strict one-way system with access routes re-designed and signage updated.

The second element focuses specifically on eliminating any working from height – which in the case of our yards means instituting an entirely mechanical loading and unloading process to stop people having to climb onto the back of lorries.

Shortlisted in the Safer Logistics category, this initiative required us to work together with our haulage partner and the DVLA as the stacking of blocks onto flat-bed lorries had to be re-thought to allow for mechanical loading.

Changing long-established working norms is not something that is easy.  All the drivers of the lorries visiting our yards needed to be trained in the new stacking systems, with handbooks in every cab and highly visible signage in the yards outlining the stacking procedure for different load types.

“Re-organising the yard and changing the stacking process might sound straightforward” comments Commercial Director, Kelly Hunter,  “but this was a project months in the planning and execution. I am absolutely delighted that the hard work of the entire team involved is being recognised.”

The Safety and Health Excellence Awards, organised in conjunction with the British Safety Industry Federation, sees entries from a wide range of industry sectors.  Originally scheduled for September, the event will now take place in the New Year.  Date to be confirmed.