H+H Teaching Sustainability

H+H has provided Solar Thermal 215 blocks as part of a new partnership with Sussex Coast College in Hastings to elevate the profile of sustainability in construction. The blocks will be part of a 100m² eco house, an initiative of the European funded Interreg project, Eco Fab2. The eco house is being built indoors at the Ore Valley site within the Sussex Coast College Hastings as an opportunity for students to create, design and work on a fully-sized and operational house.

Mark Jackson, a lecturer managing the project explains: ‘Sussex Coast College Hastings is a key partner with the European funded Interreg project, Eco Fab2. Eco Fab2 is an Anglo-French enterprise to encourage the exchange of knowledge in the field of eco- construction. The main aim of our project is to raise awareness of sustainability in construction. The project will involve both English and French students over a two and half year period to build a full-sized and sustainable house.’

Mark adds: ‘We wanted a number of external partners to be involved to ensure that the project would run efficiently. H+H were the natural choice for us, in terms of aesthetics and in their credentials for sustainability. The students at Sussex Coast College Hastings have received H+H training for the thin joint block work system, a process that was new to both the English and French students. ‘

Jenny Smith-Andrews, Marketing Communications Manager at H+H says: ‘We are delighted to be involved with this project as H+H shares Sussex Coast College and Eco Fab2’s goal to promote sustainability within construction. This has been a fantastic opportunity for both English and French students to learn our sustainable methods of construction.’

The project began on the 3rd May 2011 and is currently at the ground floor phase of the build. The project will be developed over the next two and a half years over various phases and will act as a physical training tool for Sussex Coast College Hastings.