Hospital built with H+H aircrete

H+H’s Celcon Plus Blocks using Thin Joint Celfix Mortar were specified for their impressive thermal properties on both the separating and internal walls for Ty Llidiard - Litchard House, the new Child & Adolescent mental health unit at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Brigend, Wales, built by BAM Construction for Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board.

The exact specification of the blocks used was Celcon Standard and High Strength Plus Blocks in 100, 140 and 215mm thicknesses.

Ty Llidiard has been designed to improve the provision of Child Adolescent Mental Health Services in South Wales. The new 3400m² facility provides 19 attractive single-patient rooms with ensuite bathrooms to provide a safe and welcoming environment for patients.

The modern masonry method of Thin Joint construction meant that a frame wasn’t required for this project apart from sections that had large spans, making an overall saving of around £350,000.

BAM Construction began the work in January 2010, Mike Sealey, Design Manager explains, ‘ We needed to build to low U-values for walls and H+H aircrete blocks helped us to achieve this. The dimensional accuracy of the Thin Joint system increased the speed of the entire process. Celcon Plus Blocks are also particularly robust, which is essential for a project like this as the facility will experience wear and tear and is designed to last for a long period of time.’

Mike continues, ‘During my 26 years in the industry I have used H+H blocks on many occasions. My previous experiences with H+H are from within the housing sector, however the blocks fitted the specification perfectly for this hospital. During the course of the build the team received fantastic technical support, particularly from H+H’s Ian Lathbury.’

The £12.325 million Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit consists of single storey wards surrounding two courtyards with access to the outdoors for emotional wellbeing. The facility also includes music and art therapy, family therapy, occupational therapy, sports hall and pitch, classrooms and an overnight stay area for parents. Mike and the team at BAM Construction completed their phase of the build at the end of May 2012 with patients moving in by the middle of June 2012.