H+H aircrete blocks are routinely tested for their compressive strength in our factories, using UKAS approved testing procedures. 

It is no surprise to see that blocks manufactured today easily pass the compressive strength tests, but we thought it would be interesting to see just how long this strength lasts. 

Take a look at the results here.

Our Pollington manufacturing plant was built of H+H aircrete blocks over forty years ago, so we took the opportunity to test some of the blocks that have been supporting the walls of the factory throughout that time.

And while we were there, we also tested blocks that had been used to build a wall left entirely exposed to the elements (not a practice we recommend).

And finally, we soaked one of our blocks for 24 hours in a tank of water and then tested it.

We were delighted (but not surprised) to see that all of the blocks easily passed the compressive strength test. The 45-year block was considerably stronger than it had been manufactured to be half a century ago – demonstrating that neither age nor bad treatment causes our blocks to lose their strength.

H+H manufactures a range of aircrete blocks with different characteristics. To check the thermal insulation and compressive strength of each product, go to the product section of the website.