Lovell Homes Opts for I-House™️

Lovell Homes is experiencing the full speed benefits of using the i-House offsite building solution.

Lovell Homes is using the i-House system on its Crown Meadows site in Norwich, trialing the promise that the system can provide the entire shell of a house in less than a week.

15 of the 69 plots comprising the development are using the i-House system. Lovell Homes recognises not only the speed of construction but also the fact that the largely offsite manufacturing method leads to less waste, less dust, and improved safety on site.

Delivered through a collaboration between H+H and Roofspace Solutions, the i-House system is gaining popularity for its combination of the trusted qualities of aircrete and the speed of offsite. 

Chris Grey, Senior Construction Site Manager at Lovell Partnerships, said: “I believe Crown Meadows will be a much quicker build, from start to finish. Of course, it’s difficult to compare like-for-like, but recently a plot went from being a concrete pad to us laying the roof tiles within two weeks – everything fits like a Lego set!

“Based on the success so far, it’s now our ambition to bring in the development a few months ahead of schedule. For the construction industry, it’s another tool to help us get the job done well and meet the demand for housing – while reducing waste and accidents on site.”
i-House, recently announced as a winner in the Housebuilder Product Awards, is based on Celcon Elements, storey-high panels of aircrete that are craned into place to form the external walls. 

The package also includes floor cassettes and JJI-Joists provided by Pasquill, sister company of Roofspace Solutions, and prefabricated roof structures.
The entire package is then assembled on site by a dedicated contractor team – in this case consisting of four builders.