Masonry is customer choice for partition walls

321 building industry professionals completed our online poll investigating the reasons for specification choices in the design of internal partition walls. Respondents represented a good mix of large and small companies, involved in both new build and refurbishment projects.

The most striking result was that 57% of companies stated that customers would prefer partition walls to be made of solid aircrete or concrete materials. This is significantly ahead of the second choice, timber or steel stud walls that were the preference of only 39%.

The reason? Clearly it was quality. We asked what is the most important consideration affecting the choice of materials. Those companies that put quality of installation above cost, speed or ease of installation were also those companies who use masonry for partition walls in over 50% of their building projects.

For those that discount masonry as an option on cost grounds, our cost-comparison exercise (see later story) should provide interesting reading.