The Merchant Offer

Flexibility is at the core of H+H’s commercial relationships with its merchant customers: the willingness to work as a partner to develop new service models that support the merchants’ changing business models.

This flexibility can be demonstrated in many ways – whether it is developing a software solution to integrate with the customer’s own on-line stock and credit control systems or working with their logistics department to develop delivery programmes that suit their operational needs.

We do not expect to wait for a specific request from our customers. Instead, our external sales and commercial team are expected to regularly evaluate the service supplied and to suggest tangible improvements to the accounting, technical support or logistics process that can contribute to increased efficiency.

One of our most effective innovations has been the development of our specialist internal sales team. This is focused on helping contractors who are looking for an easy way to specify and supply whole structures, while at the same time growing the market for Aircrete. The team prices and administers an order for a “whole wall solution”. They determine the type and quantity of blocks required for a particular structure. The team then puts together all of the components, ensuring they are delivered directly to site together in one load. While this service was developed with the contractor in mind it is clearly also driving sales via the stocking merchants. Our main target for the sales team using this approach is Timber frame, which is a build solution not welcomed by either the merchant or H+H.

We simply don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach and are always ready to innovate and develop bespoke solutions. If you, as a merchant, want to review any aspect of our relationship, simply contact us and arrange an appointment to discuss new ways of working: you might well be surprised by what we can suggest.