New EPD for Vertical Wall Panels

We are happy to be able to support our customers’ desire to understand more about our products with an EPD for our Vertical Wall Panels, now available to download.

At H+H, we regard Vertical Wall Panels as the key element of a package solution for the houses of the future. As such, we are glad to be able to offer this information to customers who want to take advantage of our offsite masonry MMC solution.

H+H Vertical Wall Panels are storey-high panels of aircrete that are manufactured offsite, craned into place on site and secured with a special fast-drying mortar. 

Using Vertical Wall Panels speeds up construction whilst maintaining the high-performance characteristics of masonry. Used in conjunction with pre-fabricated roofs and floors, H+H Vertical Wall Panels can see a house shell complete in just five days.

Download the H+H Vertical Wall Panels EPD.