New Robust Detail for Acoustic Wall with Aircrete

A new acoustic Robust Detail, E-WM-23, is now available for registration which delivers very significant benefits for both existing and potential users of both H+H’s Celcon Blocks and Thin Joint system. Robust Detail E-WM-23 is a high performance cavity separating wall construction that will allow developers and clients to simplify the procurement and build process whilst addressing challenges posed by the Code for Sustainable Homes, together with Part L - Thermal Regulation and Part E - Acoustic Regulation.

  1. Three credits can be claimed under the Code for Sustainable Homes – Health & Well-being Section Hea 2, thereby making a most useful contribution to compliance with higher levels of the Code. With regard to EcoHomes assessments, four credits can be claimed.
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  3. E-WM-23 utilises H+H aircrete cavity walls with Superglass full fill in the cavity. This, together with suitable edge sealing allows a U-Value of zero to be assumed for the separating wall in SAP calculations.
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  5. H+H UK’s Standard Grade, High Strength Grade and Super Strength Grade materials are all suitable for use in construction of E-WM-23 separating walls and flanking walls (H+H Solar Grade may also be used in flank walls). This allows the specifier to minimise the block types needed per project, easing procurement and reducing margin for error and waste on site. In addition the use of H+H’s aircrete in separating and flanking walls can enable the designer to capitalise on the significant savings from reduced heat loss at non-repeating linear bridges. Linear thermal bridging is a major source of heat loss and the use of aircrete party walls has a major benefit in reducing this by leakage through the masonry into the roof, floors and external walls. (Contact our Technical Department for more details).
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  7. E-WM-23 only requires that the separating wall construction is finished with a conventional 8 kg/m2 plasterboard on dabs. This of course eliminates the need for the additional process of applying a wet parge coat to each side of the wall, as commonly used with masonry separating walls.

A suitable Robust Detail E-WM-23 construction would comprise of two leaves of H+H Standard Grade, High Grade or Super Grade Strength aircrete in traditional mortar or Celfix Thin Layer Mortar, with a minimum 100mm cavity between. This 100mm cavity must be filled with Superglass Party Wall Roll at 100mm thickness. The wall is then finished both sides with a normal 8 kg/m2 plasterboard on dabs.

The launch of Robust Detail E-WM-23 provides designers and specifiers with a real opportunity to achieve excellent levels of acoustic and thermal performance using a simple and environmentally sustainable solution.