Northstone lays the foundations for large North East development with H+H Blocks

Northstone is building 218 energy efficient new homes on its ‘Glisk’ site in Ellesmere Port, West Cheshire. The development will include both semi-detached and detached homes.  

H+H Foundation Blocks are being used for the groundworks with methods including pile foundations, driven pile foundations and strip foundations being utilised. The ground floors will be constructed using concrete slabs, external walls will be built with H+H 100mm Standard Grade Celcon Blocks and the homes are to be topped off with truss roofs. Each property will be finished with external brick work.

Liam Shelly, Procurement Director for groundwork subcontractor Euro Gold explained why they chose to use H+H Foundation Blocks for Glisk: “We use aircrete foundation blocks wherever we can. They are quick, easy to use and brickies prefer them to solid blocks because they are easier to handle due to their light weight. 

“The performance of the products we use is always a factor when specifying for a project and H+H Foundation Blocks easily meet performance requirements for the development.”

Despite being one of the lightest forms of masonry, aircrete is fully load-bearing. Celcon Foundation Blocks, in Standard or High-Strength Grade, are capable of supporting buildings up to three storeys tall. 

Building with H+H Foundation Blocks is simpler, faster and often cheaper, than cavity construction. Liam commented: “Using foundation blocks is a cost-effective option for groundworks. When you consider alternative methods and have to factor in two leaves of four-inch solid blocks plus concrete, the cost is higher than using foundation blocks.”

Aircrete products benefit from excellent thermal properties making them ideal for creating energy efficient homes and can help achieve very low external wall U-values. 

With this enhanced thermal performance, using H+H Foundation Blocks will reduce heat loss from ground floors while simultaneously reducing the need for additional insulation.

Northstone Site Manager Paul Morris explained that he prefers masonry construction over alternatives: “I believe that with traditional brick and block you get a better build resulting in long lasting, robust, energy efficient homes. We’ve worked with H+H aircrete blocks on other Northstone developments too and find them great products that are easy to work with.”

Work started in January 2022 and the first showrooms are due to open in September with the Glisk development expected to be completed within three years.