Our Partnership Promise: Walking the Walk

Partnerships are tested by adversity and we were particularly keen to see the results of our 2020 customer survey.

Our branding says it all: Partners in Wallbuilding. One of our key differentiators in this market is the strength of our customer relationships.

It’s easy for us to make a promise – but only our customers can say whether we live up to it.  Which is why our regular customer survey is so important.

This year more than ever we have had to work hard in unprecedented times to keep our customers completely up to date with our intentions. Facing the unknown, with sites closing, supply chains in disarray and the entire housebuilding industry having to react fast to changing regulations, tested us all.

Through the maelstrom we kept our focus on communication. Even bad news is easier to handle if there is an honest discussion and there was plenty of bad news around for a while.

So it is particularly gratifying to see that the survey conducted at the end of 2020 gave us the highest scores we have achieved to date. 100% of customers surveyed described H+H UK as “easy to do business with”.

The prevalent uncertainties around just about everything last year were reflected in the fact that 30% of customers contacted our customer service team – a significant rise, but one that we had anticipated.  Our team rose to the challenge and 99% of our customers declared that H+H is either “excellent” or “good” to deal with.  Another highest figure for the company.

We are truly delighted with the way the H+H team has pulled together over the last year and would make the point that’s when things go wrong, or the unexpected happens, that the strength of relationships is tested.

We had some really gratifying feedback comments, but one particularly stood out: “H+H are the only ones who haven’t used COVID as an excuse and have still supplied us with required.”

It’s all part of our partnership strategy – living up to our promise.