The UK government set the country an ambitious target by committing us to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. It’s not easy for industry to decarbonise its operations, but this firm and repeated goal ensures that all enterprises have the same challenge.  Here at H+H we are pleased to be setting out our own pathway to reaching zero carbon.

The roadmap we have published provides robust measurement and projections for carbon reduction. We have invested in detailed calculations to establish robust baseline figures (we’re measuring against 2019 emissions figures) and we are expressing our carbon emissions in terms of emissions intensity – ie the emissions per unit of product.  This allows customers to include our figures in their own embodied carbon calculations.

That point is essential. Each manufacturer sits within a supply chain. We need to demonstrate our carbon emissions to our customers so that they can meet their own targets, and we need to work with our suppliers too.  In the case of our aircrete products, over 85% of the embodied carbon in each of our blocks is attributed to our supply chain – primarily the energy intensive cement and lime processors.

As an organisation we are naturally focused on our own (Scope 1 and 2) emissions, over which we have control – and our roadmap shows how we are managing the reduction in these. For Scope 3 it’s a question of working collaboratively with our suppliers and we are able to report in detail on their carbon reduction plans.

This is no small undertaking. The construction industry is responsible for around 30% of the UK carbon emissions. To tackle this number the entire industry needs to work together, understanding that we are all connected in our various supply chains, and we need to be focused on a common objective.

It will take time and there are still many technical innovations that will be required, particularly in the decarbonisation of energy generation. If we continue to work collectively then this goal can be achieved provided our government – whatever party is in power – continues to support the legally binding zero carbon target.

The very fact of publishing our roadmap is a good indication of the commitment within H+H to achieving our zero carbon goal. It is our transparent accounting for our journey and we look forward to updating it over time as we record and communicate on our progress.

Download the full document here