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H+H aircrete blocks are a first-choice building material for housebuilders due to their easy handling, thermal efficiency and robust properties. Three UK factories produce enough Celcon Blocks each year to build over 60,000 homes.

Supplying the British market for over 70 years, we have pioneered innovation and investment in aircrete manufacturing, exemplified by our plant at Borough Green being the most efficient of its kind in Europe.

H+H Pollington in Yorkshire, has been updated using some of the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment for the production of aircrete. The two factories were designed to benefit from many energy saving processes, including water storage pools, where the water used in manufacturing is recycled.

Pollington also benefits from its very own wind turbine that generates roughly one third of the site’s electricity. New gas burners were recently installed that will save 600 tonnes of CO2 each year. These new burners are compatible with hydrogen fuel, ensuring we are well prepared to take advantage of future renewable energy sources.

Now, in addition to having been recently upgraded with new equipment, plans are in place to expand our Borough Green factory later this year. The project will extend the plant and improve manufacturing efficiency, significantly increasing production output.

An exciting development for the company, the Borough Green update is set to be up and running in January 2024.

Find out more about our sustainable manufacturing practices here.