Progress made at Borough Green

We have a lot to smile about onsite at Borough Green with all machinery and electrical installation accomplished towards the back end of February.  With this work now completed we are pleased to be running on schedule, a satisfying milestone to reach.

With the significant amount of work going into the project we are delighted with the progress. It goes to show what great project management and early planning can achieve, it’s easy to see that this is really paying dividends.

As of the beginning of March we saw the majority of the installation completed. With mechanical and electrical engineering works behind us, we now have the software engineering staff from our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) WEHRHAHN on site ready to carry out commissioning on the new and existing equipment.

Throughout the upgrade, activity testing has been undertaken at regular intervals which has provided us with confidence and security moving forward. We recently concluded testing on the autoclave transfer car commissioning where they have been paired together and have proven to be working perfectly.

This has been a huge success for the project as the autoclaves are one of the few remaining features from the existing factory to be incorporated into the new factory. This was one of the bigger challenges we faced, with the new technology having to work in unison with the existing.

We are now into the testing phase, which is very exciting for everyone involved in the project. We will now begin to see how our work takes shape, before full commissioning of the factory begins in March.