Rå Build the way forward for Frocester Cricket Club

With the clients requiring completion as soon as possible, contractors in Gloucestershire opted for the Rå Build method from H+H to take advantage of the system’s unmatched speed whilst not compromising on quality.

Dominic Thornley, at Fromebridge Construction, has ample experience of using H+H products, and so felt confident about specifying the system.

“We have used Celcon Blocks from H+H in various forms for over [number] years, so we were familiar with the quality of the product, and also knew the degree of support that we would get from the manufacturer.” Dominic said.

Dominic and his team were hired by Frocester Cricket Club (CC). The clubhouse is considered the centrepiece of the community. As well as regularly hosting cricket matches for teams covering a range of age groups and abilities, Frocester CC hosts community-based events, such as the infamous Frocester Beer Festival, which has now run for over 35 years.

With a tight schedule of sporting and social activities taking place throughout the year, speed was of the essence for this construction project, which is why contractors ultimately opted to use H+H products and accessories.

“Our primary business is housing and for this we often use the Thin-Joint System,” Dominic said.

“When Frocester Cricket Club asked us to refurbish their clubhouse we turned to the Rå Build method, which allowed us to get the job done in good time whilst still enjoying the benefits of aircrete without any compromise to the quality.”

The Rå Build method of construction combines H+H Jumbo Bloks with a specially developed mortar to support these blocks, providing rapid installation and drying times which allow follow-on trades to work on site sooner.

The efficiency of the method minimises wastage on site and reduces the influence of the construction programme by weather, maximising cost-effectiveness. This was particularly helpful for Frocester CC, who were able to place the order late last year, safe in the knowledge that the poor conditions would not delay construction, or prevent the club using its new facilities in the summer.

Despite enjoying a reputation which has been burnished over the decades, Celcon Blocks and aircrete-related products from H+H are considered a Modern Method of Construction by The Housing Corporation, and have been accredited as such. This only adds to their credentials as a flexible and robust way of building efficiently within a budget.

The new pavilion opened in March, on time and in budget. This came as a huge relief to the local community, who were eager to continue using the club as the centre of their community gatherings during the summer, and in the long term.

As this project shows, aircrete is a versatile product which can be used on a whole host of different buildings. Whilst contractors are familiar with its use in domestic applications, Frochester’s new cricket pavilion proves aircrete also makes an excellent choice in commercial projects.

From thermal characteristics and airtightness to quick build times and the reduced labour costs that they facilitate, Rå Build using H+H aircrete is more than capable of handling projects of all shapes and sizes.