Sunday Times Homes for Britain 2015 Shortlist

The Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2015 in partnership with H+H UK Ltd, Redrow Homes, BRE and the AJ invited submissions for visionary designs in a standard house type suitable for planned Garden City developments and constructed with H+H UK’s aircrete building materials.

Architects were encouraged to innovate while ensuring their submission is buildable and replicable and compliant with current building regulations and to conform to NHBC/Premier Guarantee standards. It is the intention that the winning scheme will be built by Redrow at one of their sites within the UK.

The shortlisted designs were announced on 6th September 2015. The winning design will be announced at the Awards' presentation on 16th October and the result published in the Sunday Times on 18th October.

The 6 designs shortlisted for the 'Homes for Britain' competition was presented in the Sunday Times 'Home' section on 6th September when online voting was activated, but has now closed.

The Almond Place Scheme

Substantial terraces of houses have been one of the most successful forms of housing in the UK for centuries.  They range from the great terraces of Bath and London to the modest examples of industrial cities.  It is due to the success of the form as a place to live that these proposals are based on terraces of individual, three-storey houses.


The aim was to produce a design that created a pleasing and inviting geometry and to include enough detail to engender a sense of intimacy, security and belonging.

Growing Home

Growing Home explores the conflict between accommodating cars in the design of new housing and the many benefits integrated landscaping offers both locally and globally.  Garden spaces are created around the house intimately connected back to the rooms which place the householder in the natural world, while the planted front gardens encourage interaction with the wider Garden City community.

Hanging Gardens House

Hanging gardens house is designed on a modular basis. It will work as a detached house, as well as in pairs, but most efficiently and with a view to achieving the density stipulated, in terraces, as illustrated on the submission visualisation. It can have part of the ground floor, or the whole of the second floor omitted. The reduced ground floor for example can make way for car parking for ocations without good public transport links. Thus there are a variety of formats available within the overall modular set up.

The Hundred Year Home

We believe in creating homes not units and that to create a sustainable community demands a rigorous strategic approach that maximises the resources available to create a beautiful and practical place to live for the foreseeable future.

The Garden City 

Our vision of a higher density garden city is to create a place that is, in all senses, a very green place in which to live. It is essential that such a city should be people focused offering wonderful, light-filled places to live, whilst being car tolerant. 

We look forward to receiving your vote for this most prestigious award.