Targeting the self-builder

Jenny Smith-Andrews, Marketing Manager at H+H, the UK’s largest manufacturer of aircrete products and systems, explains the company’s latest move into the self-build market and how this is assisting SME builders.

While aesthetics are always important to the homeowners, at H+H we believe that longevity should also be a primary concern when designing and building homes.  We believe that homes should be built to last a lifetime and that is why we invest heavily into our products and systems.

While strict Building Regulations are put in place to ensure that homes are built to a certain quality, it has been generally expected that a house’s lifespan should be only 60 years.  The masonry industry deems this target to be too impractical for modern day requirements and with the durability of masonry materials homes should have a life expectancy in excess of 150 years.

Not only are people living longer, they require more from their homes with statistics showing an increase in intergenerational living.  This is making the lifespan of a home more important to the homeowner as people are now staying in their homes longer, choosing to renovate their homes rather than moving. 

It’s because of this that H+H has widened our focus to include the self-build market which has a huge impact of small to medium-sized builders across the UK.  We understand that SME builders, and in particular FMB members, have a huge role to play in maximising the number of new homes built to meet the current demand.  This is why we have developed a new website, to assist homeowners and SME builders find the perfect solution for their needs. 

The Lifetimehouse website is packed full of information on H+H products and system in a easy to understand format for the self-builder.  We know the masonry materials like aircrete continues to be the material of choice for most housebuilders with the understanding that brick and block materials creating a strong, efficient and comfortable home to live in.

Perfect for SME builders is the H+H Masonry House Package which is detailed on the Lifetimehouse website.  This package has been specifically designed with self-builders in mind.  Arranged through a local merchant, the package includes all construction materials from aircrete blocks to mortar and it’s delivered to site making the process as simple as possible for the contractor.  Based on technical drawings supplied to the H+H technical team, a fixed price quotation will be provided for the supply and delivery of all materials to construct a weathertight masonry shell ready for secondary trades to begin work.

The website also hosts an array of case studies where aircrete has been used in self-build projects across the country.  From a detached bungalow built to Passivhaus standards to a set of five apartments, aircrete has been used to create some amazing projects, each with its own story to tell.

For more information about the H+H offer to self-builders take a look at our new website at