Trust is a Must: Why H+H are Partners in Wall Building

You might have noticed that H+H has recently undergone a small but significant rebrand. For over 50 years, H+H in the UK has prided ourselves on our relationship with our customers. It’s something that runs through all levels of our business.

For example, during last year’s shutdown of our Borough Green plant, we carefully managed our stock to ensure a consistent supply to our existing customers. Our dedicated teams worked 24 hour shifts and weekends, in an icy, dismantled factory and in the coldest winter for years to make sure the new equipment would work exactly as it should when we recommenced production, within the promised time scale.

It’s this determination to go the extra mile which is just one example of what we believe “partners in wall building” means for our customers. For those with boots on the ground, it means the reassurance that there is someone available to lend a hand when things go wrong on site or when they just need help with a small query. Our regional representatives regularly call into sites to check the progress of a build and provide guidance with installation techniques when needed.

The construction industry is changing fast: an ever-increasing focus on efficiency, reliability and simplicity demands not more suppliers but fewer companies delivering more integrated services. Our customers have told us they want increased efficiency, reduced complexity and genuine reliability.

They want to work with companies that are with them from the initial design stage right through to the completion of all building work. They want to know there’s an established point of contact that they can rely upon to help them get the job done.

Our technical teams offer proven expertise for planning, design and project management, available whenever you need it. To find out more about our solutions visit or contact your local customer service representative on 01732 886444.