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In an ever-changing housing market, the ‘don’t move, improve’ trend is expected to gain further momentum this year. As mortgage rates fluctuate and the housing market remains unpredictable, we believe more homeowners are likely to choose to extend their current home over the uncertainties of moving.

This trend will be further bolstered by upcoming proposed changes to permitted development rules, which will make it easier for homeowners to extend their homes and construct outbuildings without needing planning permission.

Why choose aircrete for extensions?

But why is aircrete the preferred material for these types of projects? To thrive in the lucrative renovation market, you need not only a solid reputation but also a reliable supply of high-quality products. That’s where we come in. H+H has been manufacturing aircrete blocks in the UK for 75 years, and our Celcon Blocks are the product of choice for housebuilders and block layers nationwide. Our blocks are ideal for building extensions, walls, garden offices, garages, and more.

Build fast and strong

One of the standout benefits of H+H Celcon Blocks is their lightweight nature. Our standard grade block weighs 12kg less than an equivalent dense concrete block and 6kg less than a typical lightweight aggregate block. This means less physical strain on site workers. It also makes the blocks much quicker to lay, helping to speed up the build and making it easier to fit more projects into your schedule.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that because aircrete blocks are lightweight, they aren’t strong. In fact, each block can support a load far greater than the 1.5 tonnes typically required for a two storey house. Regular testing has proven that each of our standard 100mm blocks will actually take a load of 16 tonnes. This strength makes aircrete ideal for kitchen extensions where load-bearing cabinets or appliances need to be fixed to the wall.

Your customers can rest assured that their new extension or outbuilding will stand the test of time. Aircrete is fire and water resistant, and it won’t rot, warp or decay. With a lifespan of over 100 years, H+H Celcon Blocks offer long-term peace of mind.

Meet building regulations with ease

Aircrete’s excellent thermal insulation properties ensure that your customers’ new extensions or buildings are energy efficient, providing a more comfortable home and lower energy bills. For builders, using H+H aircrete helps to easily comply with building regulations, including Part L and the upcoming Future Homes Standard in 2025. 

So, how do you get hold of H+H Celcon Blocks? Well, that’s the easy part. We ensure a steady supply at all good builders’ merchants across the country. To find your local stockist simply scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Let us be your partner in wall building.