Using aircrete in spandrels

While timber spandrel panels are often used in roof construction, using aircrete instead can speed up the build process as well as deliver a more thermally efficient building.

Aircrete blocks can be used throughout a build, from foundations right up to roof height. Once the blocks reach the desired height, the aircrete can be cut according to the roof pitch. Offcuts can also be inserted at the ends, reducing product wastage on site.

A timber wall plate can then be fixed to the top of the wall before timber trusses are inserted in to place. The trusses should be supported by galvanised steel straps which hook across the aircrete spandrels every 600mm, ready for the application of roofing felt and the desired roof covering.

H+H Celcon Blocks are ideal if you are following Robust Details:

  • E-WM-6
  • -
  • E-WM-10
  • -
  • E-WM-13
  • -
  • E-WM-15
  • -
  • E-WM-23
  • -
  • E-WM-24
  • -
  • E-WM-30

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