H+H UK Ltd is committed to sustainability: to making a positive contribution to the built environment, to our own people and to the long-term low-carbon agenda.

Our UK operation has been collaborating in the development of energy efficient house designs for decades. We have worked with house builders as they look to improve the performance of their buildings, helping to meet the performance standards set by Building Regulations, Passivhaus and zero carbon homes.

We have managed our business responsibly and ensured that our products meet the highest technical and environmental performance standards recognised in this country. We have managed our manufacturing plants to minimise their environmental impact and ensured we exceed minimum environmental performance standards.

Now, in the 2020s, we understand the urgency to speed up the pace of environmental reform and welcome new initiatives to measure, regulate and demonstrate sustainable business practice with international consistency.

H+H Group (the H+H UK parent company) is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and has planned the next stages of its sustainability journey to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The targets set for the H+H Group of companies and the route it will take to achieve them are set out in the Sustainability Report published in 2020. 

This approach to sustainability allows us to take a holistic view of our entire business, ensuring that our commitment to safety, employee development and ethical business practice are considered alongside the environmental impact of our operations.

For the first time the 2020 report includes a commitment by H+H Group to produce net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and lays out the changes that we will be making to achieve that target.

To make sure that our progress is reported accurately and transparently, H+H Group will be using third-party verified Science-Based Targets to measure the impact of our actions.

In the UK we have some of the most ambitious emission-reduction targets in the world: Meeting them will require collective action – there is no single entity that can remove carbon emissions from the supply chain on its own. 

At H+H UK we have made a firm commitment to reach net zero emissions in our own operations. We rely on the commitment of both our suppliers and customers to do the same.