Celcon System Build is H+H’s solution for an all-in-one package approach to building

Based on the Thin-Joint System, Celcon System Build (previously called Rå Build) is an all-in-one package approach to building, providing a significant cost saving over other forms of construction together with a valuable reduction in time on site over traditional build methods.

Managed by the H+H team and working with our approved contractors, Rå Build provides completed ground floors, exterior walls, upper floors and partitions as a labour-inclusive package. 

The service includes product specification, quantity estimation and project management, removing the logistical problems associated with co-ordinating different trades for each stage of the build.

The System Build process

Once the ground works are complete the Rå Build contractor takes responsibility for the site to build a weather-tight masonry shell.

The Thin-Joint walls are initially bedded on a levelling course of traditional mortar. Once this first course is complete, the build progresses without delay, quickly building the internal leaf of the external walls and any required partition walls to first lift.

The workability of H+H aircrete means that any openings are easily formed for windows and doors.
With the first lift complete, the floors are installed, typically using engineered joists, either built into the walls or on joist hangers.

The build continues apace with the second lift soon complete and any gable ends built of spandrel panels positioned. The roof trusses are installed with felt and fly battens completing the Rå Build structure and providing the weather-tight masonry shell to allow completion of the external leaf of the envelope. The first-fix trades can start immediately.

Cost comparisons

With rapidly changing costs for all building products and for site labour, it can be difficult to make like-for-like cost comparisons.

H+H has worked with independent building consultants Calfordseaden to conduct detailed costings of different build methods. So far this exercise has been carried out twice, with eight years between both studies. 

Despite huge changes in the supply chain over that period, both studies demonstrate the significant cost savings when Celcon System Build is compared with standard aircrete blocks, lightweight aggregate blocks, timber frame and SIPS.

Putting the package together

Celcon System Build is designed for smaller contractors / self builders and for larger developers.  Anyone looking to outsource the majority of the technical support and delivery required by housebuilding projects will benefit.

The method uses local Recommended Contractors who are specially trained and regularly assessed. It meets all the criteria to fit within the definition of  Modern Methods of Construction. 

As with all other build methods based on aircete, System Build comfortably satisfies all areas of the Building Regulations, including the latest requirements for thermal performance. 

It is often specified as a robust, durable and cost-effective alternative to timber-frame construction, offering many of the benefits of offsite procurement with the reassurance of the proven performance of masonry.  

With technical specifications and design support provided by the technical team at H+H and the build package delivered by trusted specialist contractors, Celcon System Build delivers a weathertight masonry shell within days.

Cost-effectiveness, great performance and faster build are some of the advantages cited by Celcon System Build customers, concluding that the method is a quick, efficient and hassle-free way to build.