Celcon Vertical Wall Panels

Are the new generation of mechanically handled aircrete products that builds on the efficiency of thin-layer construction.  These products offer all the benefits of aircrete material with proven site productivity.

Developed to enhance the key benefits of our thin-joint system; speed and quality of build with recuced waste.  H+H UK's Vertical Wall Panels offer all the attributes of aircrete as a building material whilst offering additional value to the project.

H+H Vertical Wall Panels are made to extremely tight manufacturing dimensional tolerances, supplied specifically for use with a combination of ancillary products and bonded using H+H's proprietary element mortar to provide a nominal 3mm joint.  This ensures a quality and quick build with little or no site wastage.

Celcon Vertical Wall Panel

Product applications

  • External leaf of cavity walls

Product specifications

600 x 2325 x 100mm
Compressive Strength
Thermal Conductivity


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