Celfix Mortar

With an initial bond time of around 15 minutes, storey height panels of masonry can be achieved in one lift and structurally loaded within 102 hours.

Celfix is supplied by H+H, dry in 25kg bags and should be added to water (approximately 4.5 litres per bag).  Applied with either a scoop or sledge to maintain a consistent joint thickness of 2mm, it remains workable within the bucket for several hours.

When working in winter conditions, it is possible to lay Celfix Mortar in temperatures of 0oC and rising.

Celfix thin layer mortar with scoop

Product applications

  • External leaf of cavity walls
  • Inner leaf of cavity walls
  • Solid walls
  • Partitions
  • Separating walls
  • Flanking walls
  • Multi storey buildings


Approximate yield per 25kg bag - 2mm joints

Block Thickness (mm)* 100 140
Plus Blocks 630 x 215mm m2 blockwork 6.86 4.90
(7.29 blocks/m2 laid) No. of blocks 50.0 35.7
Jumbo Bloks m2 blockwork 7.65 5.46
(6.28 blocks/m2 laid) No. of blocks 48.0 34.2

*Representative sample of block sizes only.  Please note that these figures are based on experience of 'typical' yield figures for a single bag of 25kg Celfix when constructing Thin-Joint blockwork on site.  These yields will vary with site requirements and operative technique or ability.

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