Celcon Foundation Blocks

Offering beneficial thermal performance, they are suitable for the support of cavity or solid walls, framed construction or suspended floors, including beam and block floors. They are resistant to damage caused by water penetration.

With exceptional resistance to freeze/thaw conditions and sulfate attack when they occur below ground level: BBA certificate 01/3816 confirms that all Celcon Foundation Blocks are suitable for use in soil conditions from DS1 to DS4.

Celcon Foundation Blocks can be laid below ground level without mortar perpends. Simply lay them with mortared horizontal bed joints and then butt them together to prevent the passage of vermin.

All Celcon Foundation Blocks may also be used above ground, with appropriate finishes, for solid wall construction.

Foundation Block sample

Product applications

  • Foundations/Below ground level (DPC)
  • Solid walls

Product specifications

Compressive Strength
3.6N/mm2, 7.3N/mm2
Thermal Conductivity
0.24W/mK*, 0.29W/mK*
600kg/m3, 730kg/m3

*Please note that the thermal conductivity quoted for use below ground is different to that when used above DPC, because they may have higher moisture content.


Code: S
Code: N
High Strength

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