Commercial and Industrial Buildings

H+H’s aircrete products are immensely versatile and can be used in many types of building, including public and commercial buildings.

H+H’s aircrete products are immensely versatile and can be used in many types of buildings, not just as a medium for housebuilding.  

All H+H aircrete products are BBA approved. Used in partition and external walls (both solid wall and cavity), fire walls and as infill to steel and concrete framed buildings they provide durability and fire resistance. This is in addition to superb thermal and sound insulation – all backed by first class customer service and dedicated technical support. 

A combination of steel frame with aircrete infill is a commonly used solution for public and commercial buildings. This method combines speed of build with the robustness of a masonry walls. Standard Grade Celcon Blocks can be used for steel frame infill.

Modern Method of Construction

Another popular building method for public and commercial buildings uses large block sizes and the Thin-Joint Method to save both time and cost.

The speed of build and waste reduction that can be achieved using our Thin-Joint System (a Modern Method of Construction) helps to meet the stringent requirements of public build schedules. 

Add this to our exceptional sustainability credentials (80% of our block material is recycled) and we have a solution to meet the changing needs of our industry.

H+H have pioneered sustainable aircrete manufacturing in the UK. Particularly through the sustainable operations of our UK plants. We are making efforts to reduce the embodied carbon in our products and see a future where zero carbon aircrete solutions are a true possibility.