SME housebuilders and custom build

For the smaller housebuilder, H+H has developed an all-in-one package approach to building. This is also popular for self builds and custom builds.

SME Housebuilders

For the SME (small/medium enterprise) housebuilder, H+H has developed the H+H System Build method as an all-in-one package approach to building.

The H+H System Build method delivers a cost effective masonry construction, in the time it would normally take to build a framed construction. It is ideal for anyone looking to outsource the majority of the technical support and delivery required by housebuilding projects. It is particularly suitable for smaller contractors.

The technical specifications and design support are provided by our technical team and the build package delivered by trusted specialist contractors.

Our system Build method allows the supporting shell of a house to be erected in a very short time. As soon as the supporting walls are up, the roof is installed and made watertight. The building is then ready for follow-on trades to start work within this shell. This means that both the outer skin and the internal trades can work in parallel ensuring the site operates as economically as possible.

For SME builders looking to capitalise on the speed and cost benefits associated with use of the Thin-Joint method, we can provide training and a route to becoming an approved Thin-Joint contractor.


This Package approach is also popular with the self-build market, where architects or contractors working on a one-off project can introduce an element of price certainty to the design and build process.

With the advantage of speed and accuracy the resulting house shell provides the perfect base structure ready to be personalised, at a cost that is generally cheaper than alternative building types.

The added bonus of building with aircrete is that the end result is a solid house which is airtight and thermally efficient. It will meet every aspect of the building standards within the UK including Passivhaus standard, the most stringent.

A separate website provides information on aircrete and masonry construction for prospective self-builders. Visit our Self-Build website Lifetime House.