Celcon Blocks

Celcon Blocks in Solar, Standard, High Strength and Super Strength grades are the most commonly used aircrete block in the H+H range.


Celcon Blocks in Solar Grade, Standard Grade and Higher Strength Grades grades are the most commonly used aircrete blocks in the H+H range.



All Celcon Blocks are BBA Certified, are fire resistant (100mm walls, up to 4 hours, 2 hours if loadbearing) and have been classified 0 surface spread of flame and non-combustible to Class A1. Celcon Blocks are manufactured in 440mm x 215mm and are available in thicknesses from 75mm to 215mm.  They can be used in the following applications


Application   Suitability  
Inner leaf of cavity walls
External leaf of cavity walls
Solid Walls
Separating walls   (except Solar Grade)
Flanking Walls
Multi Storey Buildings   (except Solar Grade)
Foundations/Below ground level (DPC)
Beam and Block Floors ✓  Standard or High Strength recommended


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