Celcon Foundation Blocks

Available in Standard Grade (3.6N/mm²) and High Strength Grade (7.3N/mm²), Foundation Blocks can be used to support 3 storey constructions.  They are suitable for the support of solid or cavity walls, framed construction or suspended floors, including beam and block.
They offer the following benefits in use:

  • Enhanced thermal performance:
    their use reduces heat loss from ground floors
  • Frost resistance:
    they have exceptionally good resistance to freeze/thaw conditions
  • Lightweight:
    they weigh one third of an equivalent dense aggregate block
  • Reduced costs:
    an independent report by Davis Langdon LLP concludes Celcon Foundation Blocks are up to 24% cheaper than dense aggregate block
  • Speed of construction:
    Celcon Foundation Blocks enable a quick and reliable construction as only one wall has to be set out and there is no need for wall ties or lean mix fill.

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