Celcon Plus Blocks

Celcon Plus Blocks are a longer (630mm) alternative to the to the standard (440 x 215mm) Celcon Block and comes in a range of thicknesses which are suitable for the same applications.

Celcon Plus Blocks Celcon Plus Blocks Celcon Plus Blocks Celcon Plus Blocks

Product Benefits

The Plus range is produced using the latest manufacturing technology and are ranked among the most dimensionally accurate blocks available, making them ideal for use with H+H’s Thin-Joint System 

Product Specifications

Celcon Plus Blocks Solar Grade Standard Grade High Strength Grade Super Strength Grade
Compressive Strength 2.9N/mm2 3.6N/mm2 7.3N/mm2 8.7N/mm2
Thermal Conductivity 0.11 W/mK 0.15 W/mK 0.18 W/mK 0.18 W/mK
Density 450 kg/m3 600 kg/m3 730 kg/m3 730 kg/m3

Product Applications

Application Suitability
Internal leaf of cavity walls
External leaf of cavity walls
Solid walls
Separating walls ✓ (not Solar)
Flanking walls
Multi Storey Buildings
Foundations/Below ground level (DPC)
Beam and Block Floors

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