Jumbo Bloks

Jumbo Bloks are produced with the latest technology, offering a high degree of dimensional accuracy, making them ideal for use with Celfix mortar (Mortar).

Jumbo Bloks are made to sizes of 610 x 270mm (630 x 250 mm) and are available in Solar Grade (2.9N/mm2), Standard Grade (3.6N/mm2), High Strength Grade (7.3N/mm2) and Super Strength Grade (8.7N/mm2).



Produced from the same material as all H+H aircrete, they offer all the same performance characteristics.


Application  Suitability 
Internal leaf of cavity walls 
External leaf of cavity walls 
External solid wall construction 
Separating walls ✓ (not Solar Grade) 
Flanking walls
Multi Storey Buildings
Foundations/Below ground level (DPC) 
Beam and Block Floors


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