SME Housebuilder

For the SME (small/medium enterprise) housebuilder, H+H has developed the Thin-Joint Package Sale concept as a competitive and simple method of procurement.  On receipt of appropriate quality drawings we can calculated a “fixed” lump sum price for us to supply a package of materials for the project.  This package includes the aircrete material, Thin Layer mortar, ancillary thin joint compatible ties and normally dpc material, cavity tray material in roll form and even, if required, lintels for the aircrete blockwork.

After we have calculated the cost we will forward a clearly detailed estimate with marked up drawings confirming where an allowance has been made for materials.  If this proves acceptable, an order can then be placed via a builders merchant and the package of materials can then be despatched on H+H-supplied lorries direct to the site (within mainland UK).

For SME builders looking to capitalise on the speed and cost benefits associated with use of the Thin-Joint method, we can provide training and a route to becoming an approved Thin-Joint contractor.


This Package Sale method is popular with the self-build market, where architects or contractors working on a one-off project can introduce an element of price certainty to the design and build process. A separate website provides information on aircrete and masonry construction for prospective self-builders. Visit our self-Build website Lifetime House.

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