The Derrick brothers are on to a winner with H+H Thin Joint

The top-quality finish of two new detached houses constructed with H+H Thin Joint is so good that the contractor, Dean Derrick, decided to buy one for his own family home.

Twin brothers, Darren and Dean Derrick have been passionate advocates of H+H Thin Joint since being trained in the system at a local college twenty years ago. Now H+H approved Thin Joint Contractors, it’s the brothers’ preferred solution to achieve a high-quality finish.

Derrick Bros’ most recent work is a pair of detached houses on a new housing estate in Hawkinge, Kent. They chose to use the Thin Joint system for the build, which is defined as a Modern Method of Construction. It’s a fast-build system which means the building shell is water-tight sooner and first-fix trades can get to work earlier, making it a no-brainer for Darren: 

“Contractors are often working to tight timescales so it makes sense to use products that can deliver on that. The Celfix adhesive sets so much quicker than traditional mortar. I can lay ten packs of blocks in a day - you couldn’t do that with sand and cement.”

Another benefit for Darren is how much cleaner the system is to use, with less wastage than with traditional bricks and mortar, making it more cost effective.

“With sand and cement, you need to send a labourer in to clean down each day, there’s no need to do that with Thin-Joint. There are no sand piles, no mortar silos and no cement mixer running all day, so it’s quieter too. It just doesn’t make sense to build the old-fashioned way – that’s like living in the dark ages!”

For Darren, there’s no looking back:

“You can build a house out of traditional brick and mortar and make it look good, but with Thin Joint you can make it look so much better. The quality you can deliver is so much higher, the houses sell themselves. With the Thin-Joint system you’re always on to a winner!”