The H+H Thin-Joint system combines the Celcon Plus, Jumbo Blok or Multi Plate ranges of high quality, accurately dimensioned aircrete blocks with Celfix, a specially developed Thin-Joint mortar.

Thin-Joint blockwork enables walls to be built very quickly without having to wait the conventional 24 hours for the mortar to set before further loading can be applied. Celfix joints will be 2mm-3mm, providing excellent airtightness, and will start to set within 10 minutes, approaching full design strength in just one to two hours. A full storey-height wall can therefore be completed within one day.

Because the Thin-Joint system allows the structure of a building to be completed faster, follow-on trades can start to work sooner in a weatherproof environment, minimising time on site and therefore reducing the overall cost of the building project.

A detailed cost comparison study, undertaken by Davis Langdon, demonstrated the cost saving where Thin-Joint masonry was compared with Light Gauge Steel frame system.

The preferred method of wall construction throughout most of Europe, this innovative and award-winning system is now firmly established within the UK.  The Thin-Joint system can be used for both residential and commercial projects.

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