Desirable development built with H+H aircrete

In 2021, an exclusive collection of nine 4-bedroom houses in Lancashire was completed using H+H aircrete. Celcon Plus Blocks Standard Grade were specified for the internal walls and inner cavity leaves of nine homes at Lancashire Development’s Abbey Meadows site. The development proved to be in high demand as all of the luxury residences were sold before they were finished.

Darren Brown, Director of Lancashire Developments, chose Celcon Plus Blocks due to the swift construction that is achieved with the product. “We specified H+H Celcon Plus Blocks as they are longer than Celcon Blocks (440 x 215mm) and can be used in the same way. They save us time and labour for the same outcome, so each home can be completed faster,” said Darren.

He explained that past experience with H+H products and services made him confident in his decision. “I have used Celcon Plus Blocks on many previous projects and have always had fantastic results. H+H are also great to work with and are always ready to provide support if needed.” 

Externally, the homes at Abbey Meadows are finished in natural stone. Surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, all the houses are fitted with double glazed windows and bi-folding doors, solar roof panels and electric vehicle chargers. 

With sustainability clearly important to the homes’ design, H+H aircrete blocks were an ideal product choice. As a material, aircrete has excellent thermal properties and is, itself, an insulator. Constructing wall fabric with Celcon Blocks helps homes to be more energy efficient and achieve lower U-values. At Abbey Meadows, the use of aircrete complements the choice to install solar roof panels, helping to reduce residents’ energy costs even further.

At 630mm in length, Celcon Plus Blocks are a longer alternative to Celcon Blocks (440 x 215mm). Plus Blocks come in a range of thicknesses which are suitable for the same applications including, but not limited to, internal and external leaves of cavity walls, solid walls, separating walls and partitions. 

The building work at Abbey Meadows started in October 2020, and was completed by December 2021. Across the two years, approximately 4,500m2 of aircrete was used in the homes’ construction.

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