H+H extends a hand to FMB builders

H+H understands that SME builders are the backbone of the UK construction industry and what better way to support them than by teaming up with the FMB, the UK’s largest trade organisation representing the interests of SME builders.

While essentially a manufacturer of the popular building material, aircrete, H+H is much more than your typical manufacturer and is committed to developing building systems and modern methods of construction that help the UK build better. 

It’s in H+H’s best interest to support UK builders and that’s why, with help from the FMB, relationships are being made with members throughout the country.  H+H aim to provide assistance to SME builders, to improve the building experience and to boost the industry’s efforts to accomplish the construction output targets.

The belief is that modern methods of construction, like the Thin-Joint System using aircrete and thin-joint mortar techniques, are helping to speed up the delivery of homes in the SME sector and produce comfortable and more energy efficient homes for clients.

To get the most from the H+H offer check out the website, or join the conversation via the H+H Celcon Facebook page or Twitter @celconblocks.