H+H leads the way in BIM for Aircrete

A total of 3,500 H+H BIM objects have been downloaded since the company’s objects launched on the National BIM Library in September 2013. The comprehensive range is also available on the H+H website.

Celcon Plus Blocks are proving to be the most popular of the downloads, followed by Foundation Blocks, Jumbo Blocks and Super Strength Blocks. Collectively these objects account for 40% of the total downloads.

Steve Knight Internal Development Manager at H+H said: “H+H remains firmly at the forefront of BIM for aircrete. There is no hiding from the fact that when the new legislation for BIM is introduced in 2016, Government procured buildings will have to be BIM compliant. Certain parts of the industry are already embracing the new technology with mobile devices proving to be one of the key drivers, as more and more people are using tablets when on site.”

Knight explains: “BIM technology is changing the way the construction industry operates and 3D information is making it easier for organisations to reach project goals. So we fully support it and want to see the UK construction industry move with H+H in this direction.”

Download the complete range of H+H BIM objects here from the H+H website.