H+H Offsite and NHBC

We started work on developing our I-House solution with Roofspace Solutions back in 2015. Now it is an accepted MMC solutions, recognised and warranted by the NHBC.

The I-House system is based on Celcon Vertical Wall Panels – storey-high panels of aircrete that are craned into place on site. Combined with pre-fabricated timber floors and roof system, and constructed by a specialist contracting team, the I-House system can deliver the complete watertight shell of a house on site within a week.

Celcon Wall Panels have been in use in Europe for decades, however, it took a severe skills shortage and a certain amount of government pressure for the housebuilding industry in the UK to start looking seriously at ways to use aircrete in Modern Methods of Construction.

I-House is perhaps the most radical system, so the acceptance by both NHBC and BOPAS is an essential reassurance for users.