Celcon Elements

H+H Celcon Elements are a new generation of mechanically handled aircrete products that build on the efficiency of thin layer construction.

Available in a standard length to suit storey height, these products will offer all the benefits of aircrete material with proven site productivity.

Celcon Elements can be used in housing as well as commercial or mixed tenure projects. Suitable for internal partition and the internal leaf of an external wall, the products offer solutions to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations for education, health, care homes, retail outlets, hotels, commercial buildings, leisure, offices as well as housing (social and private).

H+H Celcon Elements are made to extremely tight manufacturing dimensional tolerances and are a thin-joint method of construction, using mortar specifically developed for Elements and utilising a 2mm joint. The thin-joint technology and 2mm mortar ensures a quality and quick build, with little or no site wastage.

Celcon Elements have been successfully used in the construction of two storey housing, proving that aircrete is a very viable option in the provision of sustainable construction of future homes. 

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