H+H Rated Excellent for Responsible Sourcing

We are delighted to announce that H+H has been awarded an “Excellent” rating in the BES 6001 Framework Standard for responsible sourcing of construction products.

This is a further step up from our previous certification and is great recognition of the effort that goes into improving our environmental performance

The results of some of this work are obvious for all to see. It’s difficult to miss the wind turbine that supplies energy or the lagoons that harvest rainwater to limit our use of mains and groundwater.

But the really clever thing about this standard is that it recognises how each individual organisation is only one part of a complex supply chain. It demonstrates this through an ethos of supply chain management and product stewardship. Social, economic and environmental impact are all considered as part of the process.

It’s not just about having good intentions, either. We need to prove, to accreditation and certification organisations, that we are living up to our promises. We need to demonstrate that the commitment to our environmental performance is company-wide and permeates through every aspect of our business.

It’s all part of a drive towards ethical, sustainable business practice across the whole construction industry and we are very proud to play our part within that movement.

There is no time to sit back and rest on our laurels, however. The certification, is valid for three years, but we also get audited by an independent third party every year. If our performance, or that of any of our suppliers, has declined in any way, we will lose points and could lose our Excellent rating. This process ensures that we maintain our focus on responsible, sustainable business management.

Ian Carlile
Integrated Management System Manager