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At H+H, we are dedicated to supporting every customer, regardless of size. Our ‘direct to site’ service is just one example of how we do this.

We hold product at site and deliver from that stock rather than manufacturing to order. This ensures supply and gives us flexibility in the support we can offer our customers, like our ‘direct to site’ service. 

We have a dedicated sales team to support builders’ merchants which is on hand to answer any questions about ‘direct to site’ and to provide quotations. The offer enables the builders’ merchant to take an order from a customer and have the blocks delivered direct to that customer’s site by H+H. 

This is an ideal solution for builders’ merchants looking to win projects, without needing to take delivery of the stock, store it and then arrange delivery of it out to site. This affords them the opportunity to win projects that might otherwise have been out of reach. The end customer might be a self-builder, a contractor building extensions or an SME building two or three houses looking to order more than a few packs.

Our dedicated team talk to builders’ merchants about their specific requirements, the delivery schedule, any access issues, and which products are required. A quotation will be supplied usually within 24 hours. Our merchant team is very knowledgeable but for any specific technical queries our technical team is also on hand to advise. 

Working with the build programme

As part of the ‘direct to site’ service, we will deliver blocks in line with the build schedule and can mix loads according to what is required on site at the different stages of the build programme.

For example, at the beginning of the project the customer may require Celcon Foundation Blocks if they’re building below the DPC in aircrete. They may then require Standard Grade Celcon Blocks, or if building for enhanced thermal performance the customer may prefer Solar Grade Celcon Blocks. 

Aircrete made into infill Coursing Units are often needed too to protect against cold bridging, as infill above doors and windows and making up between joists.

Whatever the requirement, we have a block to meet it – and all can be delivered with the ‘direct to site’ service.

We also offer ‘site completion’, useful when builders need just a few more packs to finish the project H+H has been delivering to. Even if it’s not a full load we’ll deliver whatever they need to get the job done.

Our ‘direct to site’ service is just one of the ways we support our builders’ merchants in helping them to convert enquiries into sales. 

To contact our Sales team call 01732 886444 or email directtositesales@hhcelcon.co.uk