New Robust Detail Covers Celcon Elements

A new acoustic Robust Details, E-WM-31 is now available for high-performance cavity separating walls using Celcon Elements, H+H’s storey-height aircrete panels. Used in conjunction with the SIG I-House System, Celcon Elements provide a high acoustic performance which exceeds the requirements outlined in Part E of the Building Regulations.

Manufactured from aircrete, the same intrinsic material as H+H standard blocks, Celcon Elements, with a density of 575 kg/m3, have also been designed to address the thermal insulation requirements of Part L.

The cavity solution comprises two 100mm leaves of Celcon Elements secured with H+H’s specially designed fast-setting thin-joint element mortar and a 100mm cavity. Cavities are fully filled with mineral wool insulation and walls are finished with 8 kg/m2 gypsum-based boards.

The use of aircrete in separating or flanking walls can help designers capitalise on significantly reduced heat loss at non-repeating linear bridges. A major source of heat loss, linear thermal bridging can be drastically reduced using aircrete by preventing leakage through the masonry into the roof, floors and external walls.

Working with Robust Detail E-WM-31 gives designers and contractors using the SIG I-House System added assurances that separating wall designs have been third party tested and accredited to meet current Building Standards.