Solar Blocks for ultra-efficient homes

Former Beeston Cattle Market homes made super thermally efficient with H+H blocks.

Sustainable home are desirable homes. That was the thought process behind Eaton Homes choosing to use H+H Celcon Solar Grade blocks for a luxury housing development in Cheshire. The site of the former Beeston Cattle Market in has now been redeveloped to comprise 89 houses and 4 apartment blocks.

In an area populated with impressive local landmarks such as Beeston Castle, the Peckforton Hills and the nearby Shropshire Union Canal, the new homes have a lot to offer. In particular is their high thermal efficiency, which was top priority for the project to achieve. 

As current homeowners grapple with rising heating costs across the UK, those looking to buy are significantly more attracted to homes built with energy efficiency in mind, according to a May 2022 article in Construction News.
In reaction to this, the UK is seeing a boom in home insulation and energy efficiency projects, while housebuilders are increasingly exploring how sustainable homes can protect the environment.

With this in mind, Eaton Homes sought to make this extensive development as desirable as possible for prospective owners, with the specification of H+H Celcon Solar Grade blocks, chosen to significantly improve the U-value of each building.

Standard H+H Celcon blocks are already highly thermally efficient, however the H+H Celcon Solar Grade block prioritises combatting heat loss even more so. With a compressive strength of 2.9N/mm this highly efficient block has a thermal conductivity of just 0.11 W/mK. It is sufficiently loadbearing for two storey buildings and can be used below DPC.  

Nigel Critchley, Site Manager for the project commented: “The quality of the blocks is excellent, which has allowed us to achieve a great end result for Phase One. Most of these homes were sold before completion and all are occupied now. We are now looking ahead to the next phases, which will be just as successful.”

Phase one of three of the development is now nearing completion. 

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