Celcon Block Solar Grade

This highly efficient block (thermal conductivity of just 0.11 W/mK) is sufficiently loadbearing for two storey buildings and can be used below DPC.  Identified by the distinctive painted blue line, Celcon Solar Grade has a compressive strength of 2.9N/mm2 and is third-party accredited for use as follows:


Celcon Blocks Solar Grade is principally used Celcon Block Solar Gradewhere enhanced thermal performance is required.


Celcon Blocks Solar Grade
Compressive Strength 2.9N/mm2
Thermal Conductivity 0.11 W/mK
Density 460 kg/m3



Applications  Suitability 
Internal leaf of cavity walls
External leaf of cavity walls
Solid walls

Separating walls

Flanking Walls
Multi storey buildings
Foundations/Below ground level (DPC)
Beam and Block Floors




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