H+H biodiversity

We have developed and are implementing a biodiversity action plan to protect and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity around our Borough Green and Pollington plants. 

Biodiversity is essential for the processes that support all life on Earth. Without a wide range of animals, plants, and microorganisms, we cannot have the healthy ecosystems that we rely on to provide us with the air we breathe and the food we eat. 

We have installed twenty bird boxes and insect houses at our UK factories, mostly in discrete areas around the sites so wildlife can more easily thrive undisturbed. 

Putting up bird boxes provides nest sites for cavity or hole-nesting birds – we regularly see Sand Martins and Buzzards nesting at Pollington. Bird boxes can also help maintain and increase the numbers of some rare or threatened species, while insect houses provide a nesting opportunity and hibernation place for insects beneficial to the environment.

This is just one step we have taken in our biodiversity and site stewardship initiative. Next year, we will be planting insect friendly wildflowers at both our factories to attract bees and other pollinating insects. 

These creatures play a very important role in our food chains and ecosystems but are in decline around the world. In the UK alone, we have already lost around 13 species of bee and another 35 are currently at risk. Wildflower planting can help these insects by becoming a reliable source of food in the form of nectar sugar. 

This initiative is part of our continued compliance with the BES 6001 framework for responsible sourcing. The standard requires manufacturers to demonstrate their compliance with and oversight of many aspects of environmental and sustainability performance, including energy efficiency, water management, ethical business practices and environmental stewardship. Through programmes such as this, we are proud to maintain a BES 6001 Excellent ranking.

This biodiversity drive supports our overall focus on sustainability which includes operating responsibly and working to minimise our impact on the planet.

Read the latest sustainability report from H+H International to find out more about our sustainability goals.

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