We’re switching to electric vehicles and HVO fuel

When H+H International published its Sustainability Report at the end of 2020 it committed to a target of zero carbon operation by 2050. The report included an intention to have a 100% reduction in transportation related CO2 emissions.

H+H UK intends to achieve this by investing in electric vehicles (EV) and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) in our factories and for the transportation of our product. HVO can be used in conventional diesel engines, which is currently what a large number of our heavy goods vehicles (HGV) run on.

We have set a deadline of 2030 to switch all of our vehicles to either EV or HVO, with the preference being EV. We will, however, consider more HVO if the EV supply is not yet sufficient by our deadline.

Initially, we are trialling the use of two HGVs running on HVO in London. If this trial proves successful and is viable, then we will continue switching as many of our HGVs to run on HVO as we can and continue to look into the immediate practicality of switching to EV. 

We have also recently ordered our first all-electric forklift for our Pollington plant and intend to purchase more vehicles in 2022. In total, we have a fleet of 35 yard vehicles at our plants, and as very few of these can run on HVO, we intend to switch all of these to EV. 

In order to make this switch, we need to invest in charging points that are either indoors or have cover. We are currently reviewing the logistics of this and, pending reviewal, intend to install charging points.

It is also worth noting that we are currently undertaking an in depth review of company cars, either purchasing models run exclusively on EV or at least hybrid, until EV becomes viable for long distance travel. 

None of these changes will come cheaply and working out the logistics of the switch is a monumental task. Nonetheless, the principal reason behind the switch – to be a more sustainable company that seriously commits to net zero – is one that cannot be judged by its price tag. 

To find out more about our commitment to sustainability, please visit https://www.hhcelcon.co.uk/our-commitment-sustainability