Internal Partition Walls

Celcon Blocks are ideal for use in partitions between rooms and for separating walls between flats, apartments and houses.

Separating Walls and Flanking Walls

With excellent sound insulation properties, Celcon Blocks can be used for construction of separating walls and their associated flanking walls. Part E of the Building Regulations can be met using either Pre Completion Testing (PCT) or Robust Detail methods (RD), for both houses and flats or apartments.

Internal Partition Walls

Using H+H aircrete creates a more robust partition, adding overall rigidity to the structure, making it less prone to damage and easier to fix to than studwork. Timber joists can support partitions when constructed from aircrete, although they should be properly designed to support the span for loading.

H+H aircrete partitions easily meet the sound insulation requirements of current Building Regulations.

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