I-House System – using Celcon Elements

The I-House concept is based on Celcon Elements: storey-high panels of aircrete used to form the inner leaf of external walls, separating walls and internal partitions as appropriate.  Celcon Elements are craned into place onto standard foundations and installed using H+H element mortar – a fast-setting and very strong mortar that forms a 2mm (3mm) airtight joint. The entire ground floor of a house can be installed in a single day.

The overriding advantage of Celcon Elements is the speed of build – and this is best demonstrated where the panels are used as part of a complete housebuilding package.

In 2016, H+H worked in collaboration with SIG Offsite to develop the SIG I-House System incorporating Celcon Elements.  This package includes timber I – Joist floor cassettes and a roof either of standard truss construction or the ‘Roofspace I-Roof’ panelised roof system.   The I-House System also includes all lintels and insulation – fixed to the exterior of the Celcon Element panels and in between separating walls.

Using the SIG I-House System, the entire weatherproof structure of a standard two-storey (or two-storey with room in the roof) house design can be delivered within two weeks. The use of this building method provides the speed of offsite with the reassuring familiarity and proven performance of masonry build.